Screen Errors and Troubleshooting 

What to Do With “Replace Plate” Error?

At the time when an indication of “Replace Plate” appear on the unit, the plate of purification will successfully reach the end point for its long life. However, it needs to be replaced instantly. If you need to ask for the replacement of this plat, you can contact the best distributor. At the time when it is fully replaced, you need to follow the required instructions for its “Assembly and Disassembly”, which is important for properly replacing the old purification plate with the upgraded plate.

What to Do With “Replace PCO Cell” Error?

On the plate, when you see the sign Replace PCO cell, the PCO cell indicates that it reached its life and it needs to be replaced instantly. For this replacement, you need to contact the distributor to order this PCO cell. After the distributor replaces this PCO cell, you need to follow the instructions mentioned on the “Assembly and Disassembly” page to properly replace the old PCO cell with an upgraded one.

What to Do With “Perform Cleaning” Error?

On the screen, you will definitely see Perform cleaning after 30-day operating cycle. This indicates that your machine system requires proper cleaning. For complete cleaning, you have to follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned on the “Cleaning Instruction” page to restart the reminders. You need to perform this complete cleaning after every 30-day operation for smooth operations. It will again appear on the screen automatically after 30 days of cleaning.

How to Perform Resetting Reminders?

Once you replace the PCO cell and purification plate, your reminders will reset themselves automatically. However, after resetting, you must clean the unit by following all Cleaning instructions. Once you complete its cleaning properly, you have to reset the reminders again. Press on the “Reminder Reset Button” for a few seconds available on the unit Control Panel and release it. The reminder of your unit successfully reset and ready to work.