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Our customers appreciate the convenience of having a proactive air purifying system in their homes or offices. Unlike passive systems that filter out pollutants when it comes into close proximity, the Triad Aer Air Purification System actively combats air pollution. This type of purification refers to a mode in which triggering contaminants are aggressively fought at their source, resulting in an optimally pollutant-free and healthful indoor environment.

Why Triad Air Purifier?

  • As a proactive air purification system, the Triad Air Purifier reduces and disintegrates particles, eliminates toxic gases, and purifies your indoor air space.
  • The Triad Air Purifier actively captures viruses, VOCs, germs, bacteria, and other dangerous elements as a proactive air purification device.
  •  It is designed to provide air purification coverage for open spaces ranging from 250 to 3,000 square feet.
  • The cutting-edge technology features of the Triad Air Purifiers are renowned for their ability to inactivate and destroy mold, bacteria, and viruses successfully.
  • The room air purifier is meant to run continuously to enable its advanced technologies to eliminate all organic contaminants and offer clean and healthy air.

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The Triad Air Purifier is lightweight and portable, with easy-to-use modes. Our room air purifiers work efficiently and protect you from harmful spores for a long time, but there are particular maintenance instructions in the handbook that you should read. Maintain the air filtration system you purchased for your home or workplace from time to time to ensure that it continues to perform successfully. Fortunately, Triad Aer Purifiers require little maintenance because we have designed them to be nearly maintenance-free.

Triad Air Purifier

Triad Aer Purifier V3 – Most Popular Choice

The Triad Aer V3 model is our most popular air filtration system in the air-purification industry. Triad Aer technology has been refined over time and is meticulously designed by engineers and medical scientists. As a result, we are the first choice for those seeking the purest breathing air.

Our products have been generating quite a buzz in the market

Do not rely solely on what we say! Triad Aer products are popular with our consumers too! Here are some of the reviews and testimonials we have received. Most Triad Air purifier reviews mention health benefits, which we are delighted to hear. Positive feedback on Triad Aer V3 reveals improved sleep, drastically reduced allergens, and asthma symptom relief from using proactive air purifiers in the home. These reviews are here to assist you. You can understand how we have designed our products to be simple to use and how they work while keeping your home or office atmosphere clean.

Better Air Quality With Us

Air purifiers are practical for purifying indoor air that has become contaminated with impurities such as dust or pollen. The Triad Air Purifier is an air filtration device that efficiently removes mold spores, bothersome ragweed, and irritating pet dander. That means it is the perfect tool for keeping allergens that cause allergies or asthma out. The Triad Aer Purifier can clean the air at least four times more efficiently than the standard purifier, delivering tangible benefits to you and your loved ones.

Benefits to Your Health

The Triad Air purifier has gained enormous appeal among people concerned with health benefits. In recent years, research in the United States has accounted for an increase in cases of allergies and asthma disorders. As a result, the popularity of high-quality air purifiers has risen to the point that the Triad Air cleaner is our number one unit sold at American medical exhibitions. We take pride in helping our respected customers live the healthy lifestyle they deserve.

Triad Aer Purifiers – Best Choice for Offices and Homes

The Triad Aer Air Purification Systems, designed for domestic and commercial usage, protect interior spaces from harmful germs and enhance the air quality in your home and office. In the United States, air pollution from combustion emissions alone has contributed to a rise in respiratory diseases. The contaminated air outside and the impurities in our homes keep us from living productive and fulfilled life as healthy and energetic people. Besides impeding breathing, these tiny and symptom-inducing substances offer considerable health hazards to those susceptible to respiratory disorders. The Triad Air Purifier is the solution to contaminated environments, which can help people prevent respiratory problems due to dust and pollution.

More About Triad Aer:

Triad Aer can be used in any home or indoor environment. It readily accounts for the diverse praise it receives because it employs the most advanced air-purification technology available on the market. The Triad Air Purifier blends superior photocatalytic oxidation with scalable purification and uses high-level negative ionization and electrostatic filtration to eliminate organic impurities. Within less than 24 hours, the PCO Cell in the unit can efficiently lower hazardous pathogen count by more than 99%.

Specifications of the Triad Aer Purifier

The Triad Aer Purifier can efficiently remove a high percentage of toxic gases, such as volatile organic compounds(VOCs), from the air. Products like cleaning supplies, aerosol sprays, disinfectants, dry-cleaned garments, building materials, pesticides, paints or paint thinners, or air fresheners produce and emit such chemicals.

One example of the cutting-edge technology that our air purifier uses is high-level negative ionization, through which an efficient balance of created clean and ozonized air is achieved. The ionic antenna and negative ion generation of the Triad Air are attached to 0.001-micron nanoparticles to increase weight and cause them to fall to the ground, where they are later taken in by the purifier, then dusted or vacuum-cleaned. This advanced feature is not available in standard air purifiers.

If you get any error on the screen of your Triad aer air purification system, check out this troubleshooting guide

Triad Aer

  • Pulse and Needlepoint Ionization to reduce the hazardous ultra-fine nanoparticles.
  • Advanced photocatalytic oxidation combined with scalable purification.
  • Electrostatic filtering employs static electricity to attract particles.
  • Technology similar to plasma: When activated, a stream kills and deactivates viruses on surfaces and in the air.
  • Proactive technology.
  • Triad air purifier perfectly blends Ion Antenna, Needlepoint Ionization, Photocatalytic Oxidation, Ozone, Electrostatic Filtration, and Scalable Purification.

Other Purifiers

  • Use HEPA filters that can only filter out particles of 0.5-micron size or larger.
  • Use basic HVAC systems that cannot entirely remove particles that might harm human health.
  • Use several filters that need replacement regularly.
  • Only filter out approaching pollutants.
  • Passive technology (works like a vacuum).
  • Your machine may require regular maintenance and change of filters.

Triad Aer Technology

The Triad Aer works on the principle of advanced NASA technology that allows plasma created from PCO technology to be gaseous. It enables the room air purifier to reach every nook and cranny of the enclosed space, targeting and eradicating all impurities.

Upon contact, it uses an oxidation reaction to eliminate dangerous pathogens. The Triad Air Purifier does not need any special or expensive filters, which would require replacement at a high expense, for its flawless performance. The stipulated square footage that the Triad Air Purifier covers should not exceed because its main objective is to give the highest degree of natural air purification.

No HEPA Filters Needed

When constructed to meet the size of the room, air cleaners can function to remove biological contaminants most efficiently. In addition to eradicating germs, Triad Aer Purifier works to rid the surroundings of unpleasant scents. This Room Air Purifier does not require HEPA filters to accomplish these tasks. Since it is common knowledge that allergens enter through open doors and windows, millions of these particles can readily enter the inside of the rooms, negating any promise that HEPA filters will completely eliminate allergens.

Triad Aer Purification Technology

HEPA filters Need Regular Replacement

Triad Aer efficiently eradicates all contaminants and allergens. It removes undesired things from all surfaces and purges the air of bacteria. Additional health issues result from the weak filtering technology other air purifiers require. For filters to perform properly, they must be maintained regularly and replaced or destroyed when they get contaminated.

The Triad Air Purifier strongly supports clean air without the expensive inconvenience of filter replacement because it does not require a HEPA filter. The Triad Air Purifier’s extra feature efficiently protects the user’s health. Visit this link to learn more about technologies used in triadaer purifiers. 

Triad Aer Purifier – Clean Air without a HEPA filter

The Triad Aer Air Purification System uses a PCO NORMAL MODE and a HIGH MODE to clean the interior air at maximum efficiency and does not require a HEPA filter. Without using the pricey HEPA filters, the air purifier puts forth an effort to permeate all surfaces and thoroughly clean the indoor air.

Triad Air Purifier provides a filter-free filtration system, which reduces costs because it doesn’t require routine HEPA filter replacement.