What is the recommended and ideal placement for the Triad Aer air purifier?

Place the Triad Aer air purifier in your home’s most frequently occupied area for optimal performance. Additionally, positioning it higher up can enhance its effectiveness. A suitable location could be on a bookshelf in the living room, where it can efficiently purify the air in a central area of your home. Try to keep it near your breathing zone.

Where can I read the real reviews of people about triad purifiers?

You can visit our testimonials page to read real reviews of people or for more details, you can contact us directly at (561) 247-8901.

How does the Triad Aer air purifier improve indoor air quality?

The Triad Aer air purifier is designed to improve indoor air quality dramatically. It reduces particles, breaks harmful gases, and inactivates mold, bacteria, and viruses. By utilizing advanced technologies, it creates a cleaner and healthier environment.

Can I adjust the settings of the Triad Aer air purifier?

Yes, the Triad Aer air purifier offers adjustable settings to suit your needs. It includes modes such as PCO NORMAL MODE and HIGH MODE, allowing you to customize the purification process based on the size of your living space and personal preferences.

What does the sani+booster button do?

The Sani+Booster button serves a specific purpose in addressing intense odors or issues. When activated, it allows you to increase the ozone output for a selected duration of 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. Ozone is a potent oxidizing agent known for its ability to neutralize strong odors and tackle challenging problems effectively. Utilizing the Sani+Booster feature, you can harness the power of ozone to address and mitigate overwhelming smells or environmental issues.

What are the available modes in Triadaer air purifier?

Following is a step-by-step guide to help you determine the ideal mode for your specific needs:

  • Start with PCO NORMAL MODE: When initially using the air purifier, place it in PCO NORMAL MODE. This mode serves as a baseline for natural purification.
  • Try HIGH MODE at 250 ft²: After the first week of usage, you can experiment with the HIGH MODE setting if the room size is at least 250 ft². This mode provides a more intense purification process.
  • Gradually adjust the square footage setting: Over the following days, gradually increase the square footage setting to match the size of the area you want to treat. It is essential to stay within the actual square footage of the enclosed space. Please note that rooms closed off by doors or areas with limited airflow between rooms should not be counted in the square footage.
  • Fine-tune the square footage setting: If you find the purification too intense at any point, you can reduce the square footage setting accordingly. It’s essential to find a level of purification that is comfortable for you.
  • Consider reverting to PCO NORMAL MODE: If the lowest setting in HIGH MODE is still too intense for your preference, you can revert to PCO NORMAL MODE. It provides a gentler purification process while still maintaining effective air cleaning.

Does it make noise, and how to control it?

Air purifiers at airwaterhealing.com are designed to provide a comfortable and quiet operation. With its five speed settings, you can choose a fan setting that suits your preference and desired noise level. Whether you prefer a gentle breeze or a more powerful purification, you can adjust the speed to create a peaceful and quiet environment in your living space.

What is the price range of triad air purifiers?

Normally, small units like shield aer are available from the range of 150 USD. While the large units like triad aer pro and triad aer v3 are up to the range of 1295 USD.

While the upfront cost of the Triad Aer air purifier may be higher, it delivers long-term cost savings. Unlike traditional purifiers requiring costly HEPA filter replacements, the Triad Aer’s washable and reusable electrostatic filter eliminates frequent filter changes. This leads to significant savings over time.